Token FAQ

How It Works

The Discreet Noise Network let members send token gifts to other site members. The DNN provides it's site members who have received token gifts two payouts a month. Once on the 1st, and the next on the 16th of each month. If you have just signed up and the 1st or the 15th is within the next couple of days, you must wait until the next payout as you will need to accmulate enough tokens. Minimum payout is $100.00. Payout method at this time is PayPal only. Site admins will contact the member for information needed upon upcoming payouts if needed. The DNN has a recorded record of every token brought and sent as a gift to ensure our site members are receiving their correct token credits and gifts.

Sending Token gifts

A transfer fee of 10% will be charged to the member who is sending the token gift to the other site member.

How much are tokens worth?

This is the exciting part!! Every token ( 1 token ) is worth the amount of $1.00.  This is what makes us different from other adult sites. 

How to add tokens to your account

To add tokens to your account, you must go to the top right corner of the website and click the 3 white bars. Once you have done so, you must  scroll down to the bottom and select the red + Add tokens to my account link. There, you will see CCBill. You will be able to type in the amount you would like to add. Please follow the prompts. 


Video Chat

The member who initiates the video chat will be paying, not the the member who accepts it. 

How much is the video vhat?

The video chat is 1cent per second. The the person who requested the video chat may send the other person tokens while in a chat session.


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