Hello members of the DN NETWORK. 

If you have noticed that you have purchased tokens and you can not use them just yet, that is because we are currently updating the site with many more attractions. All tokens purchased will still be saved in your accounts and you will be able to use them. 

New Site Attractions

*Adult Web Cam : When you purchase tokens, you can use them for the peroson you would like to video chat with privately.

*Birthday Announcer: When your birthday has past, is near or is here, your profile will display balloons.

*Virtual Adult Game: This game will allow you to tip other site members with purchased tokens. You will be able do some very DISCREET things!!

*Phone Sex Hot Line:  You will have the link to the hottest phone sex site/line in the United States.  Remember,  EVERYTHING HERE IS DISCREET!

*Gift Store: Members will be able to select anything from the  gift store and sned it to another site member. iF someone want sto send the favorite DN member a a gift from the store, they will simply add their name and the person will be asked if the would like to receive the gift at all. If the person accepts, they will then be prompted to enter their shipping information( ONLY THE SITE ADMINSTRATION SEE THIS PERSONAL INFORMATION) then the gift is sent.

From all of us here at the DN NETWORK,  we would like to thank you for your patience as we undergo site construction to make your stay here a happily discreet one.

Check out our sister site for temporary excitement.

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