Gift Store


Site members can purchase store items for themselves or pick another site member who they wish to send gift(s) to.

The recipient is asked whether s/he wants to receive a gift at all. If they do, they are prompted to indicate their address where they would like the gift to be sent. The address is only visible to the site administrator who will manage the delivery. It is not visible to the person who makes the gift – the sender. So the privacy is safe here. It is only after the confirmation from the part of the recipient that the sender can pay for the gift and for the delivery.


Payments will be taken for itmes purchased in the gift store through the PayPal gateway payment system only. Shipping price will be automatically calculated by weight and added to the purchase price of the gift store itme(s) selected.


If the item purchased is not the item received, please contact and an agent will refund the payment or make sure the correct item is shipped out the the address on the order form as long as the site member who made the item purchase emails a copy of the receipt of the postage from the item being sent back. 

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